Tips on how to replace your windows and when you should do it

What factors should you consider when replacing your windows? How and when should you do it?

1 | Choosing the right Glass. Glass, in many cases, represents about 80% of the total window area, making it the predominant

Material and, therefore, the most important in their configuration. In this sense, choosing the appropriate Glass is fundamental when preparing a window replacement. To do so, it is necessary to consider the type of space in which they are installed and their specific needs. When it comes to the right Glass for a window, it can help save energy and ensure the interior space’s best thermal and acoustic insulation. It can even increase the level of security against impacts or burglary attempts. All it takes is the right Glass to help solve many of the problems you experience at home. Moreover, depending on the environment in the house (intense external noise, need for security), glass panels can be laminated with specific solutions to protect the inhabitants from UV rays and noise and improve the security of the structure.

2 | Seeking advice and consulting specific tools.

To be successful in choosing the characteristics of Glass, you should get advice from experts in the field. Houston Window Experts can help you, and in addition, there are online glass configurators that intuitively and in a few steps help you determine the specifics of the Glass that best fit the needs of your home to create a comfortable interior space.

3 | Choosing the frame profile.

On the market, there are different materials with which window frames are constructed. Although, as a rule, they all guarantee optimal performance, we advise you also to be advised by experts and make the most sustainable and efficient choices.

4 | Opening types and colors.

Tilt and turn, casement, tilt and turn, sliding, pivoting, sash… Think about how you live and choose one or more opening options for your windows. You may also find several options in terms of colors and finishes for the profiles. Select the ones that best suit your taste and the style of your house.

5 | The best time for a replacement.

And what is the best time of the year to replace the windows in your home? You can do it when you need it or when it is best for you. But even though there are no set rules or timetables, it is always better to do this replacement in the months with less extreme temperatures. That is, during spring (before the arrival of summer) and autumn (before winter). Summer and winter are good times to visit suppliers, find out about the different options and place your order. Remember that it can take several months from ordering to receiving your windows.

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