Window renovation: how to give new life to wood

Are the windows in the house particularly damaged? Is it better to replace them with new windows or renew the old ones? Renovation techniques, costs, and incentives for the renovation of wooden windows.

Regardless of the costs that are different if you renovate or install new windows, there are three reasons to lean towards renovation: property merit, aesthetic side is the duration in time.

why renew

When it comes to window renovation, we mainly refer to wooden fixtures. Why renovate your home windows? Among the reasons for the renovation is undoubtedly the fact that you will buy more value, especially living in a historically dated building with the renovation. Without considering the aesthetic side: the wooden frames brought back to their former splendor, it will make your homes particularly beautiful. To these reasons is added the presence of landscape constraints that, in some contexts, aim to recover the historical memory of the places.

wood characteristics

Wood is erroneously considered less resistant than other materials such as aluminum or PVC, but it is the opposite. Wood lasts a long time. Even though it requires more maintenance than other materials, it can withstand in perfect condition for several decades if well cared for.

Among the other advantages of wood is breathability. What makes our environments healthier is cleanness. Breathability prevents condensation from forming in our home. Wood also prevents thermal dispersion. Finally, another fundamental aspect of wood is its high aesthetic value. Accessories made of other materials cannot match the charm of wooden windows.

when to renew

In the presence of cracks and weevils that prevent the luminaires from fulfilling their function or of drafts and air passages that involve dispersion of heat in winter and coldness in summer, it is essential to renew your windows. Still, the renovation will have a double value, in addition to insulating our homes. Thermally, in the case of particularly damaged windows, it will satisfy the aesthetic need, giving more shine to our dwelling.

how to renew

To restore the wooden frames to their natural beauty, it is necessary to do some operations that will remove all the ruined parts of the window and then do some treatments that will protect and make it suitable for the preservation of its beauty at the same time. Overtime.

Matching or removing ink

The first operation to be carried out is the correspondence: removing the entire paint and the surface part of the frame, thus eliminating cracks and damaged parts of the frame. It is preferable to carry out this operation manually to respect the nature of the wood. They also exist chemicals that allow you to perform the same operation.


Painting the light fixtures is the next step. There is paint that coats the wood and gives it the color we like the most. It protects from usury, creating a natural shield against atmospheric agents, pollution, and moths and molds that could ruin the light fixtures.

parts replacement

Their custom-made parts replacement allows you to insert any parts that may have been damaged and therefore no longer salvaged. Those who set sail, and flee, will come later inserted in the frame and treated. In this way, you will not notice the difference with the other original window pieces.

The glass

The glass inside our windows has an essential function. When considering the restoration of old luminaires, it is advisable to insert a glass chamber, that is, two or three overlapping glass plates that will guarantee effective thermal insulation and prevent the dispersion of heat or cold. That way, you will also have considerable savings from an energy point of view.


The joints represent another fundamental part of wooden frames, as they can guarantee better thermal insulation and prevent the formation of mold. The absence of joints in the frames made in the past compromised the window’s functionality. The installation of modern joints will allow the accessories to last longer and resist over time.

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