Window replacement – what should you know about it?

Are you wondering if your windows should already be replaced, or can you wait a little longer with the replacement? Would you like to know how to prepare an apartment for window replacement ? Or maybe you are planning to replace a small window with large glazing and you are not sure whether it will be necessary to obtain a reconstruction permit? In this article, we describe in which cases it is worth considering the replacement of windows, we explain when it is necessary to report a renovation and obtain the appropriate building permit, and we suggest what you should pay attention to when choosing and installing new windows.

When is it necessary to replace windows?

Good quality windows from a professional like Reno Replacement Windows can survive even several dozen years without having to be replaced. However, their durability depends on whether they have been manufactured in accordance with production standards, on correct installation and – in the case of wooden windows – on whether they have been subjected to regular care. Windows that are cheaper, carelessly installed or simply damaged as a result of an accident or burglary, must be replaced after a shorter period of time. What should be a signal for us that the time has come to replace the windows ?

The windows are leaky

If it blows from the window, it is very cold in the room in winter and hot in summer – the windows are probably leaky. This is also evidenced by moisture, leaking onto the windowsill during rain, or noise, which, despite the windows being closed, easily reaches the room from the street or yard. The cause of leaks may be poor quality of windows and incorrect installation. In such cases, you should consider replacing the window joinery both for its comfort and the impact of leaky windows on your bills. It is through the windows that the lion’s share of heat escapes, so if these do not provide sufficient thermal insulation, heating costs increase. Leaky windows They also expose the household members not only to the inconvenience of cold or heat, but also to illness – if we sleep in bed or work at a desk, which is near a leaky window, it is very easy to “wind” us on cold days. On the other hand, moisture penetrating through the windows can lead to the appearance of mold in the home.

Windows were fitted or dimensioned incorrectly

The result of improper installation of windows may be not only their leakage. Poorly installed (or incorrectly sized windows) do not provide proper insulation, but often there is a problem with opening and closing them. Over time, this problem will only get worse. On windy days and nights, a poorly fitted window sometimes also “whistles”, which disturbs sleep and work. As a result of improper installation, things such as deformation of the frame, cracking of the plaster, freezing of wet seals to the frames in winter may also occur. If we observe such problems, it is better to think about the replacement of the window joinery in advance , because one day it may turn out, for example, that we are not able to close the window.

The windows were damaged

Minor damage to the frames, paint chips or flaking do not always require replacement of the entire window – sometimes maintenance is enough. In the event of a breakage of one pane, you can also be content with replacing the pane. However, if the damage is more serious – for example, the frame has broken due to an accident (e.g. a fire), or the window has been torn out in an attempted break-in – new windows will have to be installed. It also happens that windows, especially wooden ones, installed in the 80s or 90s, start to deteriorate. Until recently, less modern production techniques were used, and the requirements for the materials used were less stringent, so windows were less durable and less functional. So if any cracks or distortions appear spontaneously – such windows should be replaced with more modern ones.

The aesthetics of the windows do not meet our requirements

Some people decide to replace windows when the look of the old ones no longer suits them. The replacement is then not necessary, but it can increase the aesthetic value of the house and at the same time – improve the comfort of the household, because modern windows offer better performance parameters than those that characterize products from several years ago. Yellowed PVC frames, stains, scratches, the desire to get rid of the muntin bars, redevelopment of the house and, for example, plans to replace the windows with larger glazing, planning to install nicer windows made of other materials or of a different color – all this is also the reason why we decide to replace window joinery.


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