Replacing windows – how does the replacement of windows work at home?

We usually decide to replace windows when the ones we have are not tight, and therefore our heating bills in winter are getting higher. Many people are afraid of dismantling old windows and inserting new ones. Is the scope of work considerable and takes so much time?

Selection and measurements of windows

When we decide that replacing windows in our house is necessary, it is best to start by considering what parameters the new woodwork should meet. When choosing a model with thermal insulation and other parameters that we want, which will match the facade of the building and our interiors, we only need to place an order with the manufacturer. For this purpose, appropriate measurements must be made. Regardless of whether we have decided on plastic, wooden, or aluminum windows, we can do it ourselves. Still, it is always better to rely on a professional in this matter. We will then guarantee that we will avoid mistakes that may later make the installation of the ordered window difficult.

Installation of windows, how to prepare for it?

It is worth emphasizing that it is always a much better solution to entrust the installation of the ordered windows to a professional team of the manufacturer than to try to install them yourself. Professionals like Replacement Windows in Jackson, Mississippi have the appropriate equipment and knowledge, thanks to which the window will be inserted stably and connected to the wall so that the maximum tightness is maintained. It does not matter whether we choose plastic windows, wooden windows, or aluminum windows. The joining should be made so that the heat does not escape through it, and the window can work in the wall when it shrinks or expands as the temperature changes.

The better we prepare to install windows, the less troublesome it will be. It’s best to remove all items from the window sill and blinds. You also need to remove the curtains. It’s also good to roll up the rug and cover the furniture with painter’s foil to avoid it getting dusty. It would be best if you also remembered to protect the radiators, which are usually located under the windows. It is enough to cover them with foil or cardboard not to be accidentally scratched or stained with mounting foam or mortar.

How long does it take to install windows?

Contrary to appearances, replacing the window does not take that long and does not require a general renovation of a given room, especially if we have prepared well for it in advance. It takes approximately 3 hours to replace one medium-sized window. In the case of extensive glazing, the installation of windows may take a little longer. The team will first remove the old window, prepare the opening, and then insert a new one. It is worth finding out in advance whether the company from which we ordered the windows will pick up the old windows from us or whether we have to find a place where they will be processed or disposed of.

As you can see, replacing windows is neither time-consuming nor problematic if we entrust it to the manufacturer’s specialist team. Proper preparation of the room for work is also essential. Thanks to this, the assembly will be much less burdensome for the household members.

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